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Mystery, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult

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In fiction, I write in multiple genres (dystopian, fantasy, romance, young adult) and forms (novels, short stories, plays, and poetry). I love them all! Why choose? My paranormal romance novel is forthcoming from The Wild Rose Press, followed by The Potrero Complex, a mystery-thriller, from Regal House Publishing in 2022. I tend to research every piece quite deeply (even the romance!), bringing my journalist past into my fiction. I’m perennially preoccupied with the ways politics and culture influence behavior. Theater productions include the Dada-inspired Terminal Lucidity; Raw, produced as part of the 2015 Women’s Voices Festival; Exit Pluto; and Always Never Now (on YouTube). Selected short plays are published by Routledge and Leicester Bay Theatricals, and short fiction by Flying Ketchup Press and Fleas on the Dog. I am a 2020 Petrichor Prize finalist and a 2014 recipient of a Rubys Artist Award from the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance.

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